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I have the same issue! I purchased an A1237 MBA with a bad hinge and no sound, and have since replaced the screen and applied new thermal paste to the CPU.  The keyboard and trackpad worked great, with both old and new displays, but one day, and since then , neither the keyboard, trackpad, or sleep sensor, will not work (it won't go into sleep when the lid is closed).  I have replaced the trackpad control cable, but the issue persists!  Something that also occurred at the same time was the system got insanely sluggish (10.6.8) and everything takes forever to load.  I am able to use a USB mouse, and right from start-up the CPU is running at almost 100% with no running apps! Has anyone had this happen or know a fix?

PS Anyone have any good places to start for sound as well (no output from either jack or speaker, system profiler shows no audio devices)