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iFixit has detailed instructions for tear down and how to open up an optical drive.

Not sure as to how comfortable you are with being a 'do it yourselfer' but my limited dealings with computer stores is that their technicians are not more competent than I am.

With the correct tools (Lowe’s has some 8-1 tool kits for the flat/Phillips head screwdrivers (#1, #0, #00 and #000) as well Torx 8-1 tool kits) and a little fearless attitude, you can do nearly all replacements/repairs yourself.

Will definitely need a grounding wrist band to shunt off any static (CRITICAL) and plastic ‘pry tool’ (like spudger, I use a Tupperware orange peeler). A soft pad to lay the computer on while working on it.

AND read the instructions at least twice BEFORE starting.

Piece of cake….(grin)