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I think that mactech is right - if you can't repair it by yourself - please do yourself a favour and forget it, sell the stuff and get a working one.

(here comes a little explanation - thats only my opinion -)

i like the old g5 better than the isight or intel models - all iMacs have their problems - the new ones have also problems.

think about it - 600$ - thats a lot of cash - especially in a country where mac's are kinda bargain, a 21.5" costs 1199$ in the us apple store - the same model costs in germany 1099€ - thats 1484$

- BUT -  lets come back to the G5 - i paid for a defective 20" G5 115$ (87€) - shipping included, chaged parts for about 10$ and the beaast was working again - thats a priceclass where i would buy it again, even if a had to do some stuff every 9 month  - but that is only my opinion and thats only because i can fix those problems on my own.

if you can't change capacitors or rework the gpu - do yourself a favour and forget it (as i said above)