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J- Start up a dead Pismo- Mayer points out that used incorect key combination. And suggest i check my source- Thank you Mayer. My source was 3 days on line reading endless ancounts of people who were - working- or -playing or breaking Pismos- I recently came in to posesion of a 2002 Pismo. The last of the breed- I do not have a Charger for the machine And am finding it dificult to find one. so i spent some time to find out what problems I mighte run in to. And a lot of the problems seamde to be. It will not start. Been there done that. So when my Daughters Later 2008 13inch modle MacBook Would not start- I askd Her to let me take a look. I thought that she must have tryd to start the machine with a dead main batery. My Daughter never givs up She takes after her farther. She wanted that machine to start. So chargd up the Main Batter- Would not start. So use one of the sugestions I saw on line. Start- controll- P-R It booted up. I left the machine for 3days to re-charge the p-ram battery. So Thats why i thougt I could Help. For free. Dead pram- flat pram. What do you think Mayer. j- Over&Out.