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We [guide|12842|did the hard work] and found out that yes, the screen ''is'' openable, and the SSD ''is'' replaceable, but opening the Surface Pro is a terrible endeavor. You have to use a heat gun and pry the glue "just right," otherwise you'll either not separate all the glue, or you'll come too close to the display cables and risk shearing them.

Since we were operating blindly — nobody has opened one prior to us — we ended up shearing one of the display cables, so our Surface Pro is now a very solid looking coaster. But we sacrifice ourselves for the science, and that's how things go sometimes. (Don't worry, we'll find other good ways of using the device — our devices are never "gone for good.")

[image|222915|align=center|caption=This is glue. Strong stuff.]

You may be able to get away with reusing the existing glue, if you work in a relatively clean environment and don't get a bunch of dust/debris on it. There's gobs of it on the top, but not so much near the bottom, so the bottom area may have "re-sticking" issues. Alternatively, we recommend getting your hands on the strongest 3M double-sided adhesive strips you can find, and then remove the old glue from both sides of the Surface Pro in order to get a good bond.

Also, there are roughly 70ish screws standing between you and the SSD. Not nearly as much of a hassle as the glue, but get ready to exercise your twirly fingers.

Now on to the good news. Here is a shot of the actual SSD found in the Surface Pro:


From the teardown: "The Micron RealSSD C400 packs 64 GB of storage capacity. It can read 500MB/s and write 95 MB/s — all in a tiny 1.8" form factor."

So as long as you are able to suffer through the opening procedure, you should be able to replace the SSD with a larger unit.