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Do you have a Windows 7 Installation Disk?  If you do not this is going to be a difficult fix.

What you need to do:

1) Boot using a Windows 7 Installation Disk (If you need help with that, let me know)

2) Right after the BIOS Splash screen, start hitting "F8" repeatedly... like a lot.

3) You will be prompted to a menu, choose "Repair your Computer"

4) If it asks for which installation choose, Windows 7

5) After the automatic System Repair is finished, it will ask you what to do next.

6) Choose "View Advanced Diagnostic Tools" (Or something like that, I am doing this from memory lol)

7) In the next menu, choose Command Prompt.

8) Once there you need to type this exactly, without quotations, also each "_" represents a space.

- "sfc_/scannow_/offbootdir=C:\_/offwindir=C:\windows"

This scan may take quite awhile.  What it does is scan all of your essential windows files and components, and will automatically repair them. You will get a message at the end telling you if it made a repair, or if it did not find anything.

9) Next you are going to run CHKDSK.  To do this type:  "chkdsk C: /f /r"  This will run Checkdisk and it will also scan, and repair any Windows files.

10) Restart your computer after everything is done.  Generally this is an hour to 2 hour process.

I hope this helps.