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You can try repairing your windows by  using your operating system disk or if problem still persist then you may need to go for a clean install. In case if you dont have the CD then you can install it by following steps:

Step 1- Download ISO image of Windows from:  website

Step 2: Download YUMI from: website?

Step 3- Plug in your USB in pc.

Step 4: Run YUMI and follow the on-screen instructions by selecting the appropriate operating system.

Step 5: Give path of the ISO Image and select the USB drive to make boot-able disc

Step 6- Plug in the USB onto the system on which you need to install the windows.

Step 7- Turn on the system.(Change the boot preferences to USB if the system do not automatically start booting from USB).

Step 8- follow the on screen instructions to complete the windows installation. Thanks