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Original post by: David Hinson ,


I had the code too.  My problem was a failed pump.  It was making a racket and running so hot it smelled like melting plastic.  After shutting it down and dismantling the pump I stuck my finger inside to feel the impeller and it was shifting around in a way that didn't seem right.  I think the shaft broke.

The good news is the pump was easy to replace myself.  I ordered the assembly from Sears Parts Direct for $180 with priority shipping.  Got it in 3 days.  All parts needed for complete replacement were included.  Replacement worked great.

Note that you will need to open two heavy duty hose clamps so be prepared ahead of time.  If you have car radiator type hose clamp pliers then you should be set.  Otherwise you'll need something like small locking vice grips (what I used).  You probably won't be able to do it with simple pliers because you won't be able to get enough hands inside to make the hose changes.

I was really ticked that the pump only lasted about 4 years on this lightly-used high-end unit.  However the ease of repair and part ordering somewhat redeemed Sears.  $180 was a bit pricey for this plastic assembly I think but it sure beat $500+ and a 10 day wait to have Sears service fix it.  (I have a not so happy story with a Sears dishwasher.)