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'''NO RESET''' you don't want to loose all those photos again!'' If your disk is more than 80% full you need room for VMEM and swap files…that could be why your boot process hangs'' if you can '''remove a RAM chip''' just until you can immediately delete some large useless files you can later replace (movies, music) once you get your house in order.  With less RAM that requires less free HD space you might be able to boot into safe mode to accomplish this.

If you disk is not that full you may have a damaged master account. Sometimes starting in single user mode and doing a force check (fsck -fy) can repair that damage. OR starting from D and repairing the disk and disk permissions may allow you to get into your account, in safe mode.

''What you have to do is '''no new activity'' until enough large files are moved to the trash and the trash emptied '' to allow you to reboot normally.

Only other option is to '''boot from some other source''' (Disk or Mac) ''connect your drive via Target mode or external case and clean up the large useless files.''

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