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The following is what fixed my washer.

1. Clean the drain filter, check all hoses for blockage. Including the main hose at bottom

where the pump is hooked. Basically clean the whole assembly.

result: got me to the wash cycle but still sud and then f02 when it's time to rinse.

2. Double check if the drain pump is working and verified at the beginning of the cycle

that it is efficiently draining water by looking at the outlet.

3. Based of my researh it seems like the sud will show up if it thinks that there are more

suds. You can tell this when you hear the drain pump run for about 5 minutes even though there are no more water. After this it will throw the f02 and will not continue to the rinse and spin cycle.

I read somewhere about the switch sensor could cause this if there is blockage. Switch sensor is located at the top right  corner inside the washer.  You will have to remove the top cover as well as the back cover to do this. (quite easy just screws). It has a little black drain hose. I disconnected this hose and follow where it is connected and viola there is a little canister attachment and it is full of gunk. There is only one screw holding it. Take it out and clean the gunk. Make sure the tubing are free of bubbles too by blowing air on it. Including where  it attaches to the sensor. Make sure you have a pan when you take out that canister as there will be water there.

After doing this my washer worked like a charm! The key is to do all the steps to save you from buying anything else until you are absolutely sure which part is the problem. I know the sensor switch is working because it switches with other steps except when it detects the sud. This alone is an indicator that it is somehow clogged.