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We followed the advice here a few years ago when we first had this problem (today is our second time with this code) and you saved us so much. Our culprit was  those delight all in one cloths that Purex came out with. You put the cloth in the washer, it had soap in it, then transferred it with the laundry to the dryer. Apparently they also fit nicely through the little drain in the tub.  We of course stopped using the sheets and notified Dial (the main co.) After that first time the machine has run perfectly until this week. This time my husband dragged the washer outside and tried to drain it there. Finally while cleaning it all out he found a handful of those sheets really wedged in one of the hoses. We haven't used them in years! So I guess like others have said a thorough cleaning may be needed more often! As a preventative measure!!