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Torn Front-Facing Camera Ribbon Cable causing screen artifacts?


I opened my phone earlier today to check for a loose power cable connection (the power button hadn't been working right since I replaced my battery) but opened it too quickly and tore the front-facing camera and sensor ribbon cable. Somehow, I didn't tear any of the other 2 connectors that connect the screen to the main assembly of the phone.

I figured it would be a quick fix, I just need to order another cable and then open up the phone, but when I tried turning on the phone to make sure nothing else had been damaged, it wouldn't boot. Instead I was met with [|these strange screen artifacts] and nothing else.

I'm assuming the issue is still with that single cable (perhaps it being detached tripped some kind of pre-boot test in the phone and so it refused to boot), but I wanted to make sure I didn't need to order anything else. Could something else be wrong with the phone that's causing these artifacts, or is it just the detached front-facing camera and sensor?


iPhone 5