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Samierdogan - Your issue is some where in the backlight circuit. In your model it uses CFL lamps (Compact fluorescent lamp). The fact you can see a faint image on the screen tells us the video services are working.

These CFL light sources require high voltages to cause the Mercury gas inside to get to the state of plasma then the UV light it creates hits the phosphor causing it to glow. This is were the inverter circuit pumps up the voltage.

More often the inverter & inverter cable harness has failed. While the CFL lamps do wear out you would have noticed the display being darker on one side or flickering before it fully going out.

I would start first by resetting the SMC and PRAM. Follow these steps:

* [|Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)]
* [|OS X Mavericks: Reset your computer’s PRAM]

If these didn't fix the issue I would start with swapping out the inverter & inverter cable harness as the CFL's are a much bigger job.