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Replacing Cell Antenna (searching...)


My 5S got stuck in a searching mode where he can't connect to the Sprint network. It was working fine until afternoon yesterday suddenly stopped working. When it was on Wi-Fi I am able to use iMessage and use apps like Safari and access the Internet, but I still can't make or receive calls and I also can't send text messages.

I tried doing reset network settings, and even it all out restore, with no luck. I've also tried ejecting the Sim card and reinserting it. I still have the same problem.

I googled around a little bit and found this website suggesting that the antenna and it may need to be fixed on the iPhone five model. The parts on the iPhone 5s, but I can't find any type of repair list it for the cell antenna.

Is this possible? I don't see any type of package on iFixit.

Thank you.


iPhone 5s