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OK, I see many repeats of the same good advice and a few jerks telling those of us who either want or have to do the work ourselves to call a tech. Next time I find the place that the tech will work for free I will call them, for right now THAT is my budget.

To sum up and add (I am posting for I do NOT see mention anywhere of point #6 that I add in) to all the above, and if you have a problem, I hope you make it this far:

1) Unplug the machine

2) If it was not able to drain after at least 4 or 5 attempts, get those soggy clothes out of there and try to bail out all you can.

2.5) IF you can tilt the machine back, do so, but not so far that it closes in on wanting to fall back - if the front starts to slip forward, you could be in for a real unpleasant time.

3) Remove the kick panel - normally three screws unless you lost one like I have.

4) With many towels at hand, unscrew that strainer. Clean out anything there. Check the port inside the cavity and to the right (towards the motor). This is the direction of the waterflow. See that there are no obstructions in there. Should just be the motor's impeller.

4a) If you found junk in the trap, you may have solved your problem. Next if not-

5) When the unit runs, do you hear the drain pump run? That is the motor connected to the right of the trap you just examined. If not (at all) or if it sounds like a garbage disposal with a few coins in it, we might have a problem with electricity not getting to it (doubtful) or it has gone bad - Note if you smell something almost burning when it runs, and furthermore, if it was just running, this baby will be hot!. Yes, you can pay nearly $200 for one of these if you really try, but you should be able to find a good replacement on Amazon or eBay for under $90, including shipping (I paid $65.00). ALL you want is the motor/impeller assembly - you so very most likely do not need the plastic trap and all unless you have a problem with giant rats that like to eat that plastic - my point being: I can't imagine in normal circumstances how you would ever need that plastic assembly replaced. The motor is attached to the assembly by three easy-to-remove screws.

6) Before shelling out your hard earned cash on the motor, IF you have had the unit for a while (mine is 12 years old) you easily could have junk built up around the ball valve, which is located at the base of the tub in the accordion hose that comes off the left back of the strainer assembly if you are facing the front of it. Mine is black and goes from the back of the strainer right up to the underside of the tub. You will have to remove both clamps - one on the back of the strainer and one around the fitting of it around the base underside of the tub. If they were not cheap spring clamps, it would be very easy, but with a little fighting with a pair of pliers, you can get it done (easier off than on...). I found a couple children's socks and a whole load of gray-black slime in mine!!! Also, up in the inside cavity of where the black accordion boot attaches to the underside of the tub, is the channel water goes through which should be inspected (by feel) for any more gunk.

I had to post because in my reading I never found any mention of this rubber boot - ball-valve assembly, but as mine was logically the next place to check, and indeed, horribly plugged with junk from over the years, I had to add my 2 cent's worth here for all the other folk herein have helped me out tremendously.