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Water damage can be a tricky one and the success rate depends on your ability to spot micro corrosions and how well you clean the board. In this cleaning process you may have to replace other components, like the battery or charger port, maybe others.

Once you disassemble the the phone you should drop the logic board in an ultrasonic cleaner with the proper amount of alcohol. If you know how to solder and it is substantial water damage, I recommend removing any shield, you can solder them back together later. Once this done, blow it dry and reassemble.

You should use a new battery and charger port when reassembling, it best practice. Once assembled try top preform a hard reset, given you get a apple logo to show up. Try this treatment twice. If you do have to do it again, throw the board under a microscope and make sure there are no fractures or burnt resistors on the board.

Good Luck!