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Orijinal gönderinin sahibi: Logan Ostrom ,


Device seems to be working internally, but the screen won't turn on?


My iPod Nano 7th Gen went through the wash and dryer. I placed it in rice for several weeks before charging it and attempting to turn it on. After doing this, the screen wouldn't turn on. When it's plugged into the computer, iTunes recognizes the iPod and shows what songs are on it. When I hold the Sleep/Wake and Home button, the computer recognizes that I've reset the iPod. This makes me think that the water damage only damaged the screen, because the buttons are working, and iTunes seems to be able to add and remove songs from the device. Would it be beneficial to try replacing the screen? Would this fix the problem, or should I assume the water damage has ruined more than just the screen?


iPod Nano 7th Generation