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Subwoofer and fan connector broke off Logic Board


This is in regards to a mid-2010 MacBook Pro 13.3".

During a repair, I accidentally broke off the connectors on the Logic Board for the subwoofer and fan cables when trying to lift out of the socket. Instead of lifting out of the socket, the whole connector just lifted off the board.

The fan connector can be seen [|here].

The subwoofer connector can be seen [|here].

Both of those images are from the iFixit guides. Each of the connectors have four solder points on the board. Both connectors also have two solder points in the back that I believe is just for additional securing to the board and not for power/info. All solder points are still intact on the board.

Here are pictures I took of the contact points for the [|fan connector] and the [|subwoofer connector].

My computer operates perfectly but obviously the fan and subwoofer/speaker do not work. I do not want to run it without the fan. If I manually press the fan connector against the board, the fan operates, but stops as soon as pressure is released.

'''My Questions:'''

# What is the best course of action here? I realize that someone could try to resolder the connections, but I do not have the tools or experience to do so. The points are extremely small. What would you do here?
# I tried using electrical tape to hold the connector in place in the meantime, but it did not provide enough downward pressure to maintain contact.
# What about using some type of adhesive like super glue or gorilla glue to hold the connector to the board? Would this work? Will this ruin or short anything? I worry about the melting point of these glues. Any idea?
# What would you do here? Has anyone fixed this before?

What do you recommend here? Thank you.


MacBook Pro 13"