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I got one of these in this week with a wine spill.  An uppercase replacement part priced out at around $700.  I took a hypodermic syringe and filled it with methanol and shot about 3 cc of it around each of the batteries.  Let it sit for 10 minutes  and rocked it a few times to get the alcohol as deep as possible.  Then I used a putty knife.  I inserted it on the outside batteries first from the side closest to the keyboard.  As each battery came up I laid it back.  It took less than 5 minutes to have the battery out and in good shape.  Looks like prices run from $75 to over $150 for replacement batteries.  On mine I needed to replace the keyboard but that's another story.  I found a new part in China with keyboard for $158.  I'll end up with a new upper case replacement and save $525 making the repair feasible.  New trackpads are also available on eBay.