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Pull the logic board, pull PRAM battery & heatsink. Put in a small plastic tub. Pour enough 91% or better ISP Alcohol to cover it. Scrub it with a soft toothbrush. Take a small sewing pin and clean the female connectors for the battery cable connector to the board. When you do a SMC reset, the SMC does not preform a pre boot/POST  test. Then after the system boots the SMC shakes hands with everything, takes an inventory. If something isn't preforming correctly the SMC tells the fan(s) to remain on high. It then remembers something wasn't working correctly and won't let the system boot, unless you reset it. A good cleaning should fix what is going on here, if it worked correctly when you put it in "storage". Depending on the humidity and temperature levels of where it was stored, the logic board and it's connectors most likely have some corrosion. Don't forget to apply new thermal paste on the CPU & GPU when reseating the heatsink.