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Motorola just offered me two options, I am with Republic Wireless. Option 1: send my phone first, they will inspect, repair, for $125 plus tax, roughly around $140 - 150. Second option, they send a replacement, return mine  within five days. My credit card will have placed on hold, $500, which will be lifted when they receive my phone. The total out of pocket on this option is higher: $125 for the new phone, $25 for shipping, and once I got off chat, they called on phone, and said there would be an additional $75 for taxes. I told her "no." Mentioned that this is as much as a new one almost. I am almost afraid to do Option 1, in that they could charge me more than expected. I was just a few hours away from buying a case for mine. Had the phone 1 1/2 weeks. $324 through Republic Wireless. I was hoping to save on that $10 month contract, but so far not looking good. If anyone knows where I can get the LCD screen replacement at a great cost, I have a friend that repairs IPhone screens. He mentioned the repair looked easy enough, as long as you don't try to separate the LCD from the glass. That looks like a nightmare, and no guarantees.