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Some iPhone 5 and 5C have a problem of battery swelling. The problem initially manifests as phone getting hot during charging which is generally ignored considering it normal. Subsequently screen detachment is seen in upper left or right corner which is pushed down by the user to fix it which seems to correct the issue initially but it continues to get more and more pronounced. It is also seen as a vertical streak when home button is pressed. All these signs are given a go-bye by the user not suspecting anything amiss. The screen starts to get detached more and more till it becomes non correctable. Those who can go to Apple store get a free replacement with no questions asked but they do not give any cause for this problem. Those who do not go to the store attempt screen replacement with no success because the actual problem is with the swelling battery which is least suspected. Changing the faulty battery in the first place is the solution. That is about it!