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I recently bought a Moto X 2nd gen with broken glass and ordered just the replacement glass thinking I could repair it myself.  As it turns out, the phone comes apart easily, but trying to replace the glass on my AT&T model was impossible.  The glass is glued directly to the touch screen.  So I returned it and ordered the whole assembly.  It costs around $110. I think I will still have to use the old plastic "bezel" and hope I canget the glue strips to work as they hold it all together.  If you get a whole assembly, I'd recommend spending a little more to get the whole assembly including the bezel and metal screen for the back.  Realistically, paying $150 for someone else to do the job is not a bad idea.  My total cost, including buying a walnut back, comes out to over $250.  You can buy a complete phone for less than that on eBay with a plain back.  Make sure you order the right assembly for your specific model or phone carrier.  There is a difference!