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the port breaks because they cut half of it out to fit the case, you can get it swapped out by a phone repair shop for a regular micro usb port and file away a bit of the case to suit.

and alternative if you do not use otg is to take it apart and introduce a charger direct to the battery, if desperate then soldering a regular usb cable to the battery points and using an intelligent charger to prevent overcharging, the better way is to take a case such as the fintie slate 7 one and stitch a QI charging circuit into the case then put a QI 1000mA receiver pad onto the back of the note 7 case underneath the copper sheilding and solder to the battery. with a steady hand you can route the +5v through the original charge circuit but its less hassle and easier to go straight to the battery. the chager will tell you when it is working and switch off when the device is full.

cost - around the same as getting the original port replaced but less risky IMO.