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I had this problem, I to thought i had somehow bricked the phone I took the back glass off again and found that I had put some of the screws in the wrong places.

it probably caused the phone main board to not earth correctly, therefore preventing the charge circuit from working correctly.

to fix:

- take back glass back off (annoying but necessary)

- take all screws back out of black plastic shroud.  (if screws are in the wrong holes like mine were this can be difficult)

-put two smaller diameter but longer length silver screws either side. of battery.

-put 3 shorter fatter golden screws above and below the battery. (1 above 2 below)

- tighten screws.

- plug in to charge wait 10 minutes to make sure it is now charging. (mine took this long to start working again. as it still turned on and off a couple of times until it got to 2 %. then it charged normally)

- replace rear glass once you are happy it is now charging.

Hope this helps.