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Possible to swap the DVD to a 2nd hard drive


Hello.  I have been a huge fan of old laptops and my powerbook 1,67 Ghz with the high resolution display is one of my favorite.  Allthrough it is a laptop who is already a decade old, i still love this machine (and also the kids are starting to like old school laptops - Starcraft 1 and Diablo 2).

I also like to add some upgrades for the system.  I have here at home a 32 GB IDE SSD who i like to install in the system.  But because of the small amount of GB i like to upgrade the storage with a second hard disk.   it possible to change the DVD to a second hard disk drive?  I have seen different HD carry's for the macbook, but is it possible to install them in an old powerbook?


PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17" 1-1.67 GHz