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Location of Processor Topside Temperature Sensor


My 12" PowerBook is suffering from the notorious Narcolepsy problems, which have been well documented for this range.

The consensus solution seems to be to remove a faulty temperature sensor which sleeps the machine by giving erratic 'overtemp' outputs.

On the 15" and 17" models there are visual guides available online to locate the Trackpad sensor, which seems to be at fault on those models.

However the sensor giving the funny readings on my 12" (and others people's, it seems) is the Processor Topside Sensor. Both Temperature Monitor and ThermographX agree on this.

I'm well out of warranty and fancy throwing caution to the wind and clipping this off. Could anyone tell me where in the machine it is?

Thanks in advance.


PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12" 1-1.5 GHz