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Okay I have a PS4 that worked great then after the 3.11 update it would not eject the disk. So I removed the cover, manually ejected the disk using the screw but it would not "suck" the disk back in. It was like it couldn't get past the rollers. So I did the rebuild data base, reinstalled software from USB stick, still it wouldn't suck in the disk. So what I did was while it was power on, I gently ran a slotted screw driver into the slot and moved it left to right. I could hear the tip trip the sensor signaling that the disk should be accepted. So I inserted a game disk manually, pushing it in all the way THEN I turned the manul screw clockwise until it would not longer turn, then backed it off two full turns. I hit the eject button and the disk came out. I inserted another disk which was promptely sucked in, used the button to eject it but had to make a few fine adjustments to the manual eject screw to get it working smoothly. This seemed to work for me, thought I would throw it out there.