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I still haven't replaced the screen / Display on my Moto X 2nd gen.  I'm now seeing entire phones (used on eBay) for as much as the cost of replacing it!  Why even bother?  I think the problem is that the displays are "OLED" not LCD.  You have to replace the whole assembly.  Older phones, like Apple 3g and gs, have two separate components .. the glass/digitizer, and the LCD.  You can replace one or either for a much lower price.  From now on, I will not buy OLED screen phones!  Almost any phone with Dow Corning "Gorilla glass" will crack and break.  The Apple 4 models were the worst because of cost but also the repair process.  You have to completely disassemble the phone!  I turn those repair jobs down... it can take hours of stressful micro surgery.  Those screws are small!