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it's possible. Your machine supports max 8Gb of DDR3 1333MHz RAM memory. In your case U will need 2 modules by 4GB DDR3.  U can use any vendor only thing u need to look is that is for laptop, that is DDR3 1333MHz, and u need 2 modules by 4GB. (2*4GB = 8GB).

To replace RAM modules turn of machine, unplug power cord, and remove battery.

Place your machine on oposide side, fan intake shuld bu up.

In the midle of your machine u will find one scree which hold "door" of RAM.

Unscreew him with Philips screew driver and remove tha cover - "door".

U will see memory modules, take tham out and put new one. To remove them u will need push 2 shiny metal clips and take memory module out. To put them in yust press it. Be gently and take you time, you will make it.

For more specific guide follow this link:  and open page 102. You will find all instructions.

Hope it helps and sorry for my language:)