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lcd screen wont power after repair


So here is my question. I purchased a replacement lcd/digitizer off ebay to fix my damaged lcd screen. Prior to the repair, I damaged the internal lcd of my phone to where about 3/4th of the screen was cracked and damaged. However, I could see the top 25% as a quadrant in the top right corner of the screen. Not very usable, but it worked.

Today a replacement screen and digitizer arrived and I went ahead and did the replacement. On powerup I hear the startup chime, and nothing else while the screen is black. The new digitizer functions through the new lcd as is made know by the unlock and other sounds from touching the screen. MY issue is this lcd not powering on. Ive resat the cable, ect and it will not light up. Any ideas what to do? Ive bit the bullet and bought a new phone that is on route to me, but I would like to know if there is anything I can do here as I now have a screenless phone and what appears to be a dead lcd that the buyer wont accept back.


Galaxy Core Prime G360T1