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The stability control is connected to your ABS  . When something goes wrong with the ABS pump it usually affects the traction  control. so I would check the ABS pump. However that said the fact you have a problem with your turn signals at the same time lead me to think it could be a ECM problem sometimes just resetting the ECM is enough to fix problems. Disconnect your battery for 2 hours and turn the lights on while the battery is disconnected this drains the reserve energy in the ECM . When your ready to restart the car let it idle for 5 minutes uninterupted  do not touch the gas pedal during the 5 minutes . once it has run at an idle for 5 minutes take it for a drive for 20 minutes to get the computer to adjust to your driving. Drive carefully during this time as it will set the default during the drive . If your running it hard during the reset drive it can cause  problems with the setup of the default settings so drive nice. Once your reset you will either have no error codes or they will return right away in which case have the ABS pump checked out if you dont get error codes then the ECM glitched . Hope this heps