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Weird battery drain issue


Hello, im having a weird battery drain issue since a while and hope someone guides me into the right path!

Some info before the main question:

1- my phone was taken apart to do work on the front facing camera (issue didnt start right after though, id say 6 months later)

2- all notifications are off, mail is fetching manually, location is off, hidden location is off.. Etc, etc..

3- screen brightness is below half and off for auto brightness

4- background app refresh is off

5- everything that makes the phone inteligent is actually off

6- batery drains with airplane mode on

7- battery is draining around 45% overnight (7-8 hours~) whith airplane mode off or on.

8- performed all settings reset, network reset with no luck

9- never done a full restore with itunes

10- performed the battery usage and standby track down and everything seems normal, night and morning screenshots are good without any track of phone not sleeping well. Its going to sleep all the time its on standby.

11- changed the battery..... Bought a cheap one of the bay and changed it myself, problem is still present exactly the same as before.

One thing id like to mention, i was using a generic charger overnight, the next morning after battery change eventhough it was hooked all night on said charger and was charging, phone was dead in the morning and took a good 30 minutes to wake up after hooking to an apple wall charger. After this, phone seems to have same battery drain issue as before.

Conclusion: does this generic charger have something to do damaging my original battery and then the cheap one i bought and changed myself?


1- will any hardware part of the phone cause battery drain? Such as dock port?

2- will a loose connection somewhere drain battery? Such as screen flexcables? These where never removed when i changed the battery, screen was held at 90 degrees angle all the time.

Im afraid to buy another battery and still dont fix the issue... Any help is greatly appreciated..

Thank you..


iPhone 6