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Short answer is yes, you can.

Longer answer is that you really want to get the LCD Digitizer and Glass Assembly. It is still going to require some bowler tech adhesive (or any REAL 3M 300LSE, i.e. not from eBay).  If you are lucky the assembly will come with some adhesive from factory.

Just make sure you pull the back cover off, pop the battery and remove the midframe. This will require removing all the screws and a cables.  Note, CON0101 is easier to remove from the board on the midframe (the one that J6803 is also connected to) than the mainboard. Be very careful when removing it. Also keep in mind to completely remove the LCD cable (J4501), as it is unlikely that you will get a replacement with your screen assembly.

After that it is just a matter of using some heat and tools to work the glass from the frame. With a little effort it should come out nicely.

And as always ensure that you remove all traces of adhesive from the frame before seating the new screen, isopropyl and a flat razor blade work well and you don't run the risk of damaging plastics with other solvents like acetone. If you were fortunate enough to get some factory adhesive on the assembly, give it a few seconds under a heat gun before laying it down.

I hope this helps!