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OK! I had the phone working fine, but then I saw a battery drain occur.  Phone dies, I plug it in, nothing happens.  I read the forums, nothing really useful except this:  TAKE THE SIM OUT, TAKE OUT ANY ADDITIONAL DATA CARDS (Micro SD) Then put the battery back in, plug in USB to a computer or something.  As soon as I did this, the phone lit up and the Pop D3 sign came up.  Currently have the battery image with the waving orange battery juice flowing left to right,  Why on earth this worked I don't know.  Why on earth this solution works, I don't know.  Temporary?  Absolutely!  Fluke?  Yuppers.

Advice:  DON'T DEPEND ON THIS PHONE ANYMORE.  Get yourself a real phone, spend more than 100 bucks and get something like an Iphone 6 or a Samsung Galaxy S7.

I think I'm going to go Iphone next because spending money on crap that doesn't work is not cost effective.