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I was having problems receiving and making phone calls. No calls were coming in and I couldn't make any calls. The dialer would timeout and no calls would ever go through. After looking through the threads on this I noticed many people had the same issue mostly with Samsung phones. So I thought it was my phone as I have a Samsung Galaxy 6. I also happen to use my old iPhone 4 as an iPod in the car or with earbuds and I noticed that lately it was showing up with missed calls. After reading the threads with no ideas given on how to fix the no call issue I decided to try test. I have always left me iPhone 4  in my car right outside the garage and back door of my house so after retrieving the iPhone from the car I turned it off and restarted my Samsung Galaxy 6. After doing this I was able to make and receive calls again! Hallelujah!! This is happened to me with a Galaxy 4 and the Galaxy 5 and I could never find the fix. It would just start working later on and I never knew how or why it started working again. So to recap if your phone will not make or receive calls check and make sure you do not have another Verizon phone somewhere that you used to use that is turned on. I cannot be sure but I think it's just this iPhone 4 that I have since it doesn't have a SIM card that has been giving me problems. I hope this help someone as I found this extremely frustrating and had it happen to me on several different phones. I would hate to think that someone would go out and buy brand new phones, waste their time at a Verizon store, or anything else when my problem was  very simple to fix.