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Nexus 9 Tablet Auto Rotation Fix

Try the following link: it works!


Check first that "Auto-rotate" is turned "on", and does NOT work. Then:

1. Go the apps screen

2. Open up: Google

3. Got settings: top left three bars, the "settings"

4. Select Now Cards

5. Under Show Cards: De-select (turn off "Show Cards")

6. Turn off Nexus 7, and Restart.

7. Make sure "Auto-rotate" is turned on.

8. Auto-rotation will work again! (on most Nexus 7 tablets?, if it still does not work, "uninstall" Google Now all

together, and reboot. If you re-install Google Now later, and set it up, and reboot,"Auto-rotate will still work)

9. No need to tinker with the hardware, and open the tablet!

10. Spread the word.

Technical details:

When Autorotate does not work:

All my tablets are running Android version 6.0.1.

Kernel build: 3.4.0-g09a22c6 #1

Wed Apr 20 00:06:25 UTC 2016

Build Number: MOB30M

1. Download and install: Check My Android.

2. Open the App

3. Select: "Sensor"

4, You will see that the following sensors are disabled, or do not work:

1. MPL Accelerometer

5. MPL Gyroscope

7. MPL Gyroscope

5. Turn off the "Now" cards in Google, as above

6. "Auto-rotate will work again.

7. Sensors 1, 5, and 7. will work again.

8. Interesting note:

If you turn on the "Now" cards again, in Google. Power down the tablet and resart. The "Auto-rotate" keeps on

working (ONLY ON SOME NEXUS 7 TABLETS (I have 5 of them, some work, some not)), and all sensors show OK? For now at

least!!! No idea why??

To play it safe, just turn of the "Now" cards, (or uninstall Google Now), and reboot!!


20 June 2016