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Why does my phone occasionally stop working?


I have had my iPhone 5s for about two years now. It has been in perfect shape and never been ruined. I just recently lost control of my home button. It would glitch and work when it wanted, or not at all, until now, the home button just doesn't work anymore.  I didn't really have a problem with that, because I had the accessive touch turned on to help me with the home button. But now, I've been having problems where when I go to download an app, I'm pretty sure it's always when I'm on the App Store, the accessive touch buttons won't work, or any buttons on the screen, it would react to me touching it, but not do anything. Then I will turn off the screen, and it won't turn back on, and the vibration of the silent button on the side will vibrate, but no display will show.  I don't remember the last time on how I got it to work properly, but this just happened to me again, and now it won't turn back on for me. I would really like some help, and maybe more information on why my home button has stopped working?


iPhone 5s