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I recently had to rebuild my Blu-Ray drive after it fell to pieces when i opened my console to clean it.

This little bugger of a screw just landed on the table in front of me, no idea where it came from or where it went. So left it out and put it all back together again.

Didn't work, surprise surprise.

The console took the disc, tried to read it normally and failed. You could hear it trying again, along with a HORRENDOUS noise like my disc was being ground against something inside the drive.

Eject button worked fine though.

After some internets. I found that this screw is part of the emergency eject function that lets you unscrew a disc to eject it if it's became stuck for any reason. This also resets the drive to be in the proper position for the next use, loaded or unloaded.

After making sure the drive was as it should've been with everything in the right place, rebuilt the console and tried a disc.

Everything worked again.