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Replace/Transfer Nexus 5X Notification LED


I'm about to replace the screen and frame for my Nexus 5X due to water damage (all components seem to be working, just the LCD is messed up). I read through the tear down instructions [guide|51318|here] and it seems like a pretty straightforward repair. But, I do have one problem, the Notification LED. the LED can be seen in the picture on step 13 for the teardown [|here], and it seems to be removed in the final picture of the teardown [|here], but there's no steps on how to actually remove the LED or replace it.

The replacement parts that I received comes with a new frame with the LCD/digitizer already inserted, but does not seem to have a notification LED with it -- is it possible to remove the LED from my old frame and transfer it to the new one?


Nexus 5X