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I bought this tablet a couple years ago.  It worked great for less than one year.  Then died.  It was still under warranty so I sent it back.  The company must have either sent me a new or refurbished one, or completely re-did the the operating system because the whole thing was totally different.  Worked for awhile, then back to the same old thing of not turning on at all.  I did the hard reset routine, put the pin in the back hole while holding down the volume and power buttons.  All different combinations of how to push various buttons.  It comes on then stays at the screensaver of Digital 2--then when the battery loses juice, the screen goes black again.  I've even tried charging it with a USB cable plugged into the side and into an adapter wall outlet thing-a-ma-jig, instead of using the regular charger.  That worked better and allowed a decent charge, but the charge wouldn't last real long like when it was new, so I assumed it was a battery issue......Then while doing it another time, it went to sort of a black safe mode type screen or like what you see on a Bios screen and asked if I wanted to reboot, or update from this or 4 or 5 options.  Tried them, twice.  Still blank black screen.  This tablet is pathetic.  No good.  For the amount of time I was able to use this tablet it wasn't worth the money.  If the battery is dead or defective, it doesn't pay to get a new battery.  These tablets are cheaper now than having the labor done to replace a battery and battery cost.  These devices are designed to fail.  The average laptop today lasts just outside of the warranty scope and maybe to 2 years.  All they want you to do is buy another one, again and again.  To me, tablets are worthless.  I thought in the beginning it would be good to use like a Kindle without having to pay for books, and if you go on Google store the apps are free.  I had a lot of book type apps which is what I wanted to use it for, and I also found it convenient with the bluetooth to play music on Pandora with my wireless speakers.  Now I have nothing because this thing is a real piece of junk.  Won't be buying  another one.