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Thanks, Zug. I finally fixed it...(and I appreciate your link to "safe mode"...I didn't know how to do that.)

I dl'ed two video drivers from the Sony web site...installed the older one first (nothing happened) ...then the newer larger one and it worked!

...though after I got the large screen back, a weirdo thing happened....I got a message saying that the new configuration would make my screen flicker for a second and then I would get my original settings it did and then the 4" X 6" screen returned with a dialogue box asking if I wanted to keep it like that (OK or Cancel)

I hit cancel and the large screen returned again. Now I'm a little afraid of shutting down (the computer is sleeping)...that the small screen will return. I guess I should go look at the "display" settings

(wouldn't 'monitor' be a more precise word?) and see if LCD has appeared there...instead of the VGA and 16 colors being the only choice like it was before.