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Tore front camera cable opening phone - Now phone doesn't turn on


I opened my iPhone to try make sure the home button cable connectors were securely in place for a different problem.  When I opened it, the screen assembly came off suddenly and I completely tore the cable that connects to the front camera.  After closing it up, it wouldn't turn on.  I tried opening and checking all the connections a second and third time and got the same result.

The phone has some power though.   When I hold down the power button and both volume buttons it will give a brief buzz.  Once the battery is reconnected, the upper right hand corner of the phone (opposite side of the rear facing camera) gets VERY HOT after a few minutes .  I tried plugging the phone into a computer, but it did not register on itunes.  I also tried calling it, but it didn't ring.  So it's more than the screen not working.

Can the behavior described above be attributed to just a torn front camera cable?  Or is it likely that I damaged one of the other three cables (digitizer, screen or home button cables) that are attached to the screen assembly?

Thanks in advance.



iPhone 6