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Orijinal gönderinin sahibi: Michael Bryner ,


Not an answer but I think people need to quit forcing the connector in so hard. I am even afraid I will break it putting it in softly. Also, they need to make better stronger connectors for the charging cables. I don't care if they have to go back to bigger size connectors. I rather be safe than sorry. I think they went wrong decision into smaller connectors in the smartphones. Also, with smartphones now being thinner even makes it worse. There is two major problems in smartphones today and that is , really small battery power for smartphones, even for flagship ones and crappy charging ports. If they fixed those two things, then the smartphones would be even better than ever.

Batteries even at the 3000 mAh is decent but they should have that size for the low end and at least 5000 mAh for flagship ones. Seriously, mine a ZTE Citrine is a 1650 mAh and it does not last as the claim of 9 hours talk time and  168 hours standby. I get maxed with as much settings changed to  2 and half days standby and few hours talk time. I mostly listen to my mp3 music but one time of 2 hours of listening takes 20% of the battery. It just makes no sense that they claim the battery life as much as they do and not get even close to it. Batteries suck still and many years of cellphones and still can't get it right.

Now they are coming out with non-removable batteries. That is the dumbest thing ever. I don't care if it is for water resistant. The galaxy S5 is probably their best because it was battery removable. The S7 is non removable. Until, they decide to do this right. I am going to complain about those two things.