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Why is phone screen black?


Ok, so last night my phone was almost out of battery so  left it on charge overnight. The phone was fully charged, I turned it on but about a minute after I turned it on the screen became very dark and was flickering. I can still see the screen but it is only possible under dark conditions. In normal light the screen is completely black. I have had this issue before and I fixed it by removing the battery and putting it back in, I did this and the screen went back to normal but as soon as the phone had finished turning on it went black again. I repeated this several times and got the same result. So why is this happening? My phone has been dropped and the screen is slightly cracked. My guess is that the LCD or some internal component is broken. Is there any way to fix this? My phone is a Samsung galaxy core prime, had it since November 2015, dropped it back in December. Screen issues started around February. Help would be very much appreciated. Thanks


Samsung Galaxy Core Prime