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not that i know of. Well you can, the memory "should" work, but the clock rate "speed" the RAM runs is being determined by the motherboard not the memory. The BIOS on the motherboard for a mac won't allow for overclocking etc. So even if you put in RAM that is rated for a higher speed, it will still run at the default speed it is designed to run. Assuming of course this is a brand that will work with mac etc.........

1333MHz RAM is more expensive anyway and I am not sure what kind of "real world performance gain" would be achieved depending on what your doing.

and I don't know what you will be using the laptop for, they are other things to make it faster if that is your goal. You might just need more memory? (your questions doesn't say how much you have now) just offering my opinion even thou I was not asked.

Buying Mushkin brand online at a place like newegg best price i have found recently with good reviews. (WAY cheaper then in any computer store, at least when i checked last week)