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Orijinal gönderinin sahibi: Pamela Aitcheson ,


Same problem.  I have a Galaxy S5 mini and after 2 months of flawless performance I lost the Bluetooth connection.

- I uninstalled the app, powered down the phone, switched it on again, re-installed the app (historic data still there).

- Next I went into the Bluetooth settings on my phone.  I unticked the "only visible to paired devices" box and hit SCAN - it found the Vivoactive HR device and asked for a PIN number.

- I then went into the Bluetooth settings on the watch (as described above) and selected "Pair mobile device" - a 6 digit PIN number appeared on the screen which I typed into the phone and miraculously the phone now recognises the watch.

- I manually synced the watch and was prompted to allow alerts from Garmin device.  All data now up to date.

Thanks everyone - the above all helped to get me to a solution.