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Why is my phone not working, or how can I fix it?


My phone somehow just stopped working. I can’t even power it on I have to connect to the power cable just so the logo screen pops up otherwise if i take out the power cord it doesn’t work. I tried to do factory reset it doesn’t work, I tried to install a firmware package it won’t work. Also to program it to go to the factory reset I have to hold the Power Button+Volume Up Button+Volume Down Button then add the charger to power on the phone, otherwise if i don’t plug the power cord in it won’t work. I  literally spent 7 hours strait trying to fix it and i couldn’t. Please if there is anybody who can tell me how to fix my phone i will happy because i don’t want to get a new phone cause i only had my phone for 3 weeks AND IT WAS BRAND NEW WHEN I GOT IT. Also if there is anybody who’s had this problem please respond so you can tell me how you fixed it so i can do the same thing. Or if someone can respond how can i install the system firmware package to the “Update Package to the External Package” on the Android System Recovery screen with the dead android so i don’t have to pay money for anything. So if anyone knows how to fix this phone, PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE!


Motorola Droid Bionic