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Orijinal gönderinin sahibi: Jimmy Tsai ,


No,I thought there do not have DAC inside.

This Lightning to 3.5 adapter most like analog signal bypass adapter.

Just bypass audio signal thru lightning connector (pin6,7,8, and 1).

I don't have evidence but my point as below :

1.There don't have enough space can put USB to I2S to Analog chipset.

2.Belkin just announced the new product named "Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar"

This new accessory look like implement the Lightning Audio Module(LAM) (48KHz/24bit)

The audio out put of the Lightning female is Analog signal.

This accessory also can work with Apple original Lightning to 3.5 adapter & headphone

If Lightning to 3.5 adapter include DAC ,how it can work with Belkin's new product?

Jimmy Tsai@C4M