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So I think I've got it figured out.  We had a major power issue in our house.  The neutral line coming into the house from the utility pole was broken, so our house was receiving power but it was not able to leave our house appropriately, so we were having all sorts of surges for the past few months.  Are dryer is on the fritz and my iMac died.  Then we started having internet issues, so our internet company came and started testing their lines.  As the repair man disconnected the coax line we had a major power surge throughout the house.

So as it turns out the cable line had be grounded outside out house to our electric meter.  As soon as the tech disconnected his line at the splitter, where the line comes from the pole then to our house, he cut off the only way the electricity in the house was getting grounded.  That caused a major surge spike in our house and fried a lot more electronics in my house.  Ceiling fans, oven, A/C, can lights, surge protector, modem, etc... But lots of equipment had died in the last few months like my iMac and dryer, plus numerous light bulbs.

I did take my iMac to Apple and they have come to the conclusion that the Logic Board is dead and needs to be replaced.  As far as they can tell the PSU and GPU are still ok, but they recommend replacing the GPU anyways since this model year had a recall, even though my serial number wasn't in the list.